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Inpaqt helps organizations to quickly,
effectively and efficiently respond to a fast changing world with:

Data Driven

Data are the source of information. To convert data into information we use models. The outcome of the models must be trusted. For that reason users must feel comfortable with the output of the models. They will check outcomes with reality. When there is a difference, the problem can be having not the correct dat, using an incomplete model or both. To be able to check and eventually improve both the AI algorithms must not be a black box and hwen discrepancies between prediction and realty are to bog must be able to design experiment to see whether parameters a missing in the model and getting the appropriate data.

Transition Transformation Innovation

For advice about which part of the organization to transform we need good diagnosis, to see what parts of the organisation are bottlenecks and how to improve these .

Management Engine

Management must be in control and have the regie. They must be able to know what is suggested and take decisions. They also must be able to monitor progress and decide how to go on.

The world is changing more and more quickly. This has impact on the customer wishes and competitive edge. To respond companies must be flexible and quickly respond to these changes in demands and competences. Companies that are able quickly to learn and respond will win.


A management cockpit for Management of innovation and transformation

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