An app for diabetic people
to self-manage their sugar levels


Glucocoach is being developed with
the Human Centered Design approach
keeping the T2DM patient in the center
of the design process.


This mobile app is science-based, where the app’s content is developed by considering the combination of T2DM physiology and health behavior change. Health behavior change is the core of Glucocoach as the adoption of healthy behavior choices (nutritious meal intake, the pursuit of movement, good sleep, and stress management) is an integral part of T2DM Management.


Glucocoach aims to be evidence-based
and hence, Inpaqt focuses on conducting
patient testing to validate its effectiveness
in the form of iterative usability studies,
pilot studies and advanced clinical trials.
Glucocoach is being developed keeping the sustained user engagement with a digital health intervention in mind. Several studies show that user engagement with a digital health intervention (DHI) is a prerequisite for achieving clinical effectiveness. In most health mobile apps while the initial user engagement is present, the factor of sustained user engagement reduces over time ultimately leading to the non-usage of the intervention. Glucocoach aims to alleviate this through the adoption of AI-based personalized monitoring and coaching. Themes of persuasive technology such as tailoring and gamification are being included to achieve these optimal results.

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Short Papers
Short papers Das, K.S.J. and Janszen, F., 2022. Identifying Sociodemographic Factors for a User Engaging Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Mobile Self-management Application. In ICT4AWE (pp. 254-260).
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